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Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold
Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold

Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold

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Mold it with fashionable design!


Make your sweets look classy and fashionable with deluxe 3D High heel Mold which creates highly detailed and stunningly accurate stiletto style high heels cake toppers. It included design templates to cut out the various shoe parts but this deluxe kit has stainless steel cutters in place of the templates, making it excellent value.

The kit includes 5 stainless steel cutters, food grade silicone heel mould, and resin toe former, Styrofoam heel former and 2 high heel drying ramps. The ramp design allows the sole to be lined up with the heel while drying.

Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold

This product has 2 symmetrical (half high-heel shaped) molds, you can de-mould effortlessly just by separating the molds. Strongly prevent chocolate leakage by the sealed locks of mold.

It has a simple procedure by just pouring the high heel with chocolate paste and rotating mould to let the paste reach every corner for perfectly shaped chocolate.


  • Creative Deluxe High heel – decorate your own unique style of cake using 3D high heel mold by adding glitter, sticker, gold foil, pearl. This is great for birthday, wedding or bridal parties.

  • Sealed Design – It has a sealable design which molds the paste perfectly and extremely good without any leakage.

  • Effortless Usage – Simply pour the chocolate and instantly have 3D high heel chocolate you ever dreamed of.
  • Demold in seconds – Made of non-stick and flexible silicone material for easy de moulding  your favorite chocolate extremely good. Take it out from the mold without breaking or creating any crack.

  • Safe Material – The 3D High heel mold was made with nontoxic material which is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Not only for edible crafts - Epitome creation of pendants, home decorations, keychains, has aroma, candle, handmade soaped etc.


  • Material: Food – grade Plastic
  • Size : 6.5 cm x 8 cm / 9.5 cm x 12 cm / 17 cm x 19 cm


  • Deluxe 3D High Heel Mold * 1

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